Live a healthy lifestyle with Nutrisystem… Good food, good motivation and good affordability!

Hello everyone, I’m Pascal. I am fifty-seven years old, and I work at the Clegane Winery. All seventeen workers here at the winery have been following the Nutrisystem program for the past eleven months. Some are taking the “Lunch & Snacks” pack while some of us are taking the entire program in order to start living a healthy lifestyle. Before I talk about the Nutrisystem promo codes, I’ll talk about our journey to living a healthy lifestyle with Nutrisystem.

Clegane Winery is a 50-year-old winery. It has a total of seventeen workers, and all of us follow the Nutrisystem program. All of this started when the winery was handed over to our former owner’s son last year. The winery’s owner now is Michael, a young man in his early 30s who is extremely health conscious. His father and grandfather weren’t very concerned about our weight or our health. Working at a winery, almost all of us used to drink alcohol, which was adding up to the weight. Most of us were also overweight which wasn’t a very good thing ever. With the help of Michael’s motivation, all of us decided to slow down on the alcohol and follow a diet plan. That is when we found Nutrisystem!

After Using Nutrisystem

Phoning the Nutrisystem office

Our first call to Nutrisystem was about eleven months ago. We called to ask if they had any meal plans for us at affordable prices. The staff was extremely polite to us and told us all about Nutrisystem. They helped us choose our diet plans by suggesting which one would be best for us. Since most of us were opting for the entire plan so they helped us choose the meal plan that would suit us best according to our fitness level and weight. After about six days, our orders were delivered right at our doorstep!

Even today, we are in contact with the Nutrisystem staff on the phone. Since all of us are around alcohol most of the times, we very often have alcohol cravings. In such times, we call up the Nutrisystem office. Nutrisystem has trained weight loss counselors who remind us why we started, and what our goals are. They also remind us how much money we’re saving with the Nutrisystem coupons. This is a great motivation for all of us because at the end of the phone call, we get back to work, and want to eat nothing but meals from the Nutrisystem diet plan!

Some switched from “Lunch and Snacks” to the entire meal plan

After about four months, a few of us who were taking the “Lunch and Snacks” plan decided to switch to the complete diet plan. This was a big decision for them because it meant completely quitting alcohol. But they were pretty determined to lose some weight and take a big step to start taking “living healthy” seriously.

In our free time, all of us started hunting for the Nutrisystem deals. They were surprised to know that there were full meal plans even for diabetic and vegetarian people. Also, they had different meal plans for people with different fitness levels. After choosing the best meal plans for each of their body types, they were ready to start. They got their meals in just six days as well, and they were willing to start!

Affordable Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem is the other name for affordable! $13 is really the most you might have to pay per day. This is so much lesser than an average one day meal. With Nutrisystem promo coupons published on we got a discount of about $2 per day. This is how Nutrisystem makes it possible for every person to afford the program.

The ones who were taking the “Lunch and Snacks” had their meals priced $4-$6 depending on which meals they chose. This meal plan was great because it allowed some outside meals and some meals with Nutrisystem. Whichever meal program we wanted, the Nutrisystem coupon codes were always there to make the meals inexpensive!

How Nutrisystem never failed to impress us..

To begin with, we didn’t know how well Nutrisystem would work, but it impressed us to see how confident they were about the program. We first realized how confident it is about its program when we were told that it has money back guarantee for all those who are not satisfied with their first order. Also, it offers a refund if you wish to send back any unopened Nutrisystem foodstuff. But we still didn’t expect to get so much out of Nutrisystem! It showed us some miracles because it’s great how none of us look overweight anymore. All of this was possible because of the Nutrisystem promo codes which made it so affordable every day. Their confidence is high; Nutrisystem knows what it’s up to!

Nutrisystem also offers the “lose 5lbs + 1 inch off your waist of money back” guarantee for people who are taking the entire diet plan. It’s great because this actually worked on the ones who took the entire program, excluding some who cheated. Cravings are natural, I guess!

Here are a few pros and cons about Nutrisystem:


  • Very affordable
  • Tasty varieties of food
  • Motivation through the phone


  • Having to quit alcohol
  • Fast food cravings at times
  • Microwaving every meal

“Nutrisystem Nutrition Promise” is a thing that guarantees that most of their meals are high in protein, high in fiber and have zero trans fat. With no artificial colors and flavors with over a hundred preservative-free foods, their meals are low glycemic as well. Thanks to the Nutrisystem discount codes; these are available to us at very low prices. Their food might have such qualities but are still tasty. They have menus full of pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, and soups, which aren’t as good as the ones in fast food restaurants, but they’re still tasty.

With Nutrisystem, all of us got a little closer to living healthy. It is great how most of us at the Clegane Winery have lost significant weight, and are aiming for higher health and fitness goals now. Start your Nutrisystem journey today, and achieve your fitness and body goals!